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Tech Talk and Q&A at Neumont University

Neumont University recently invited Dealertrack DMS to speak at one of their tech talks during their career fair week. Neumont is a local university in Salt Lake City, Utah that specializes in technical degrees and enables students to graduate with an accredited bachelor’s degree within three years. On the day of the event, two of our managers, Alan Harwood and Mark Quigley, met with and interviewed several of the students graduating that semester for open positions within Dealertrack DMS. After a break for lunch, Neumont alumnus Dru Hurdle gave an overview of microservices to a group of 100+ students based on the work he contributed to the Dealer Management System (DMS) acceleration project.  Afterward, the students had an opportunity to ask questions of the attending Dealertrack DMS group. Below are a few of the questions and responses from that session.

Q&A Tech Talk at Nuemont University

Q: What is a typical day at Dealertrack DMS?

A: Working in a Scrum environment, I like to answer this question within the context of our two-week sprints, as the scope of our work will vary from day-to-day. The first day of the sprint consists of a sprint planning meeting, led by the Scrum Master, in which we identify the projects and workload for the team over the next two weeks. We consider this two-week sprint a commitment and the team members self-organize around our goals, while the Scrum Master keeps individuals focused, on task, and helps to overcome any obstacles. Each day of the sprint consists of a short scrum meeting, or stand-up, to contextualize the collaborative work for the team on that day. At the end of the two weeks, we’ll hold a demonstration of shippable software and do a sprint review and retrospective where we talk about what can be improved upon; whether it’s in the process or tool set to make the team stronger and more cohesive for the next two-week sprint.

Q: What are the things you are looking for in terms of hiring?

A: We are looking for people who are smart, progressive, and innovative thinkers with a broad set of software development skills. We don’t want to get wrapped into just one technology because what we’re really try to do is solve complex and varying problems. We want our team members to bring new technologies and new ideas to the table, so we can get those solutions out to our customers.

Q: What traits or skills are you looking for?

A: In addition to the required skills for the role that is being applied for, we are looking for professionals that are self-motivated, strong communicators, and can thrive in a collaborative environment.

Q: What is a project you have worked on that you really enjoyed?

A: The project I am working on right now! I’m on the experimental team and we’re currently working on a lot of stuff in the cloud and with .NETCore. Since .NET Core and Angular 2 aren’t actually out yet, we’re working with a lot of data sets and we’re essentially defining the way that other teams will build services in the future. That’s really exciting to be a part of: determining what will become the technology stack for the DMS Business Unit.

Q: Is Dealertrack DMS hiring in Information Systems?

A: We’re growing across the entire company in all our locations. I believe the biggest growth right now is in engineering, but we do hire system engineers on the IT side. They do a lot of automation here so yes, we do have opportunities in that field.

Q: What is training like once you’re hired?

A: Our company provides each team member with an in-depth four-day orientation learning about the company, our industry, the benefits package, and internal systems. Each new team member is presented with a laptop and login credentials to various company portals. During the orientation you are video conferencing with three other locations that are also having orientation. Before joining your team, each team member will also have a full day training on our software, so that you come out of it having a general idea of how the software works.

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