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Front Porch – Front End Web Developer Conference, Dallas, TX

Front Porch ConferenceOn Tuesday October 7th, 2014, the Front Porch Conference hosted their 2nd Annual Front Porch Conference. Myself along with Adam Moore (Front-End UI), Patrick Greer (Front-End UI), Mark Lusby (Developer), & Kyle Crouse (Developer) all attended this great event. I think we all were impressed at what Chris Williams and Mina Markham were able to pack in one day.

Not only were there plenty of guest speakers from the Dallas area but it was refreshing to find there were also guest speakers from Brooklyn, North Carolina and even Chicago, Illinois. Here was the line-up:

  • Chris Williams a front-end developer from projekt202 in Dallas.
  • Mina Markham a UI developer/designer in Dallas and also founded the Dallas chapter for Girl Develop it!
  • Chirag Gupta Director of Code Collective in Dallas.
  • Matthew Carver from Brooklyn, NY also a Tech Director at Big Spaceship
  • Justin Noel a former LAMP developer in the Dallas area.
  • Matt Baxter a designer and front-end developer for projekt202 in Dallas.
  • Lindsey Norman a UX designer from projekt202 in Dallas.
  • Andrew Turner the Director of Technology and Development at Sq1 in Dallas.
  • Kim Lovering a lead front-end developer for Orbitz Worldwide at their satellite offices in Westlake, TX.
  • David Lyons a front-end web developer at Slingshot here in Dallas.
  • Alexis Abril a developer for Bitovi from Chicago, IL.
  • Julia Elman a designer, developer and tech education advocate from North Carolina.


These passionate Developers and Designers covered topics such as Responsive Web Design, Modernizr, Sass, Ionic Framework, SVG, WebGL, Capistrano, Node and FeathersJS. You can also read more about each designer/developer here (http://frontporch.io/#speakers)

The WebGL with Three.js was just an intro session to the technology, but I can see how this could help transform what dealer.com is trying to do in the automotive industry in many ways. Possibilities of getting the customer a more realistic view of the vehicle they are looking into purchasing. Not likely in the near future but as you can tell the technology is advancing quickly and it’s imperative that we stay up to date (as best as possible) with the latest technology so we can better serve our customers, as well as being the leader in our industry.

Overall, this was a great conference and we all look forward to seeing what next year brings! With this industry changing so quickly, it keeps us very excited to see what ways we can integrate these new technologies.