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Dealertrack Engineers speak at Vermont’s Code Camp #VTCC7

We’re lucky here at the hub of Dealer.com’s activity in a lot of ways, because Burlington has an amazing and close-knit, tech community.

All over the country, we know Dealertrack engineers that are super involved in their local community of developers, designers, competitive hackers and more. Here in Vermont, though, we’re lucky in that the marketing web product, Dealer.com has a lot of company muscle to help the local scene out for bigger events.

Dealertrack came through recently for the 7th annual Code Camp, held September 19 at the University of Vermont’s School of Business Administration.

According to Meetup, 165 people attended this year’s event, and our company was a proud premiere sponsor of the event.

Four of the key speakers were from our ranks – Michael Hellein and Scott Douglas, senior UI developers, and Jon Hoguet and Peter Vile, both technical leads.

For a complete synopsis of the Code Camp sessions take a peek at their site.


For more about our killer engineering team’s contribution to the event, continue on >>

Mithril and Webpack: Performance and Simplicity in Client-side Applications Presenter: Michael Hellein, Sr. User Interface Developer Synopsis: Webpack is an opinionated module packaging system for the front end. Mithril is a tiny functionally-minded JavaScript MVC. In this session, we’ll see what they’re capable of together. See Presentation here. In his words… Size (Still) Matters When optimizing performance in the browser, the amount of code a library contains is significant, especially when compared to its feature set. Michael’s talk led the audience through the basics of Mithril, a client-side JavaScript MVC framework that’s about 1/6th the size of React. He covered how to get started using Mithril to build an application and how to use Mithril’s routing, http requests library, and virtual DOM builder. The talk on Mithril was given in the context of Webpack, an asset bundler for JavaScript, CSS, and more. The message Michael hoped attendees walked away with was: if you’re looking at using React, evaluate Mithril as a possibitility, and if you’re looking at using Browserify, you should consider using Webpack instead.

 At #vtcc7 instead of #vtcc. Burlington is buzzing! pic.twitter.com/kJyPAP7MoW — Rags Srinivas (@ragss) September 19, 2015
Static Web Apps: Rethinking Server Side Templating

Presenter: Jon Hoguet, Scrum Tech Lead

Synopsis:  As our web applications are become more and more static (via SPA frameworks), our Server Side Templating Engine becomes less and less relevant. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t even need it?

Full presentation here.

Turning Points: Instructional Tales of Achievement, Embarrassment, and Woe

PresenterScott DouglasSenior UI Developer

Synopsis: Scott has been a human for 32 years and a programmer for at least 15 of those years.

He’s learned a lot by being around smart, dedicated people at Microsoft, DreamWorks Animation, and Dealer.com. To be truthful, he’s also made some mistakes. Come to hear (sometimes embarrassing) anecdotes and reflections on events that have shaped Scott’s perspective of programming and programmers. Learn how not to ask for feedback from your manager. Discover what code Scott wrote that caused his co-worker to essentially yell at him. You won’t believe what happens next!


Resilient Management of State in Functional Systems

PresenterPeter Vile, Java developer

Synopsis: Functional systems pride themselves in pushing state to boundaries of the system, however eventually state has to be managed.

This talk looks at one approach to that management: Akka and event sourcing. An overview of the concepts behind event sourcing will be followed by several examples demonstrating limitations and advantages of this technology and methodology to allow data to survive when systems fail.