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Dealertrack’s Fall ’15 Hackathon in Full Swing

Twice a year, Dealertrack has an internal Hackathon for all of our Engineering staff across the nation. We’re now in our ninth go-round of this really awesome event that pulls the best of camaraderie and creativity out of our teams.

We break into teams with one mission: to create something spectacular.

The formula is simple: propose an amazing idea. Join a team to work on an idea based on personal interests and passions. Crank away for 36 hours to bring the idea to fruition. After a day and half, present ideas to Engineering peers and company leadership. Bask in glory.

This creepy 2015 hackathon project had a nasty surprise... spitting out balls at passersby.
This creepy 2015 hackathon project had a nasty surprise…

What comes out of it pushes the boundaries of the imagination. In a New York hackathon held this spring, a principal software engineer and UX/UI manager built this creepy clown.

Ok, maybe it’s an adorable clown. Maybe that’s in the eye of the beholder.

Using Raspberry PI, the two Engineers transformed this old cardboard box into a surprise-attack arcade game.

Passersby, who were encouraged to use a Nerf gun to shoot the clown in the mouth, weren’t rewarded.

They were instead pelted with a barrage of balls as the clown’s response.

“It was pretty funny,” recalled one team member who got to try it out.

What does this fall’s company-wide hackathon hold? We’ll know more in a few days, and will keep you posted!

To follow the Dealertrack hackathon creations check out their Instagram feed at @dthack9 or look for #dthack9, #hackathon or #btv posts from our Engineers.