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Spreading the News 2: Agile to Agilers

In August of 2013, Dealer.com began its all-in transformation to agile from partial waterfall, partial ScrumBut. In Part 1 of the story, we discussed the initial presentations made to project management groups more inclined toward traditional waterfall methodologies.  In Part 2, we look at our interactions with the agile/Scrum community in Southern California.

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Message to Testers: Tell a Compelling Story!

If you’ve spent enough time in your Quality Assurance, perhaps with a traditional title like “QA Engineer” or “QA Analyst”, then you have probably heard the following directive: As testers, we must tell a compelling story to our stakeholders. The context-driven testing community believes this to be paramount to anyone serving in the testing role. …

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The Case of the 297 Extra Documents—a MongoDB Mystery!

During the second quarter of 2015, my team—one of the Platform teams within Engineering—updated the MongoDB dependency for notification-services as part of an effort to responsibly consolidate MongoDB replica sets across the organization. In updating from MongoDB 2.4.6 to 3.0.2, we learned much about MongoDB and notification-services, and one particular lesson makes for a good …

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Ready for DjangoCon: Why Dealertrack chose Python and Django

Engineers from Dealertrack will join their fellow Django devotees in a 200-strong community as it converges for DjangoCon, which is now in its seventh year.  The largest single gathering of Django devleopers will gather in Austin, TX this year, starting on Sept. 6.  In preparation for our participation – Dealertrack is a proud Gold Sponsor of …

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Data science at Dealer.com: a case study with sentiment analysis of automotive brands

The Product Analytics Team at Dealertrack consists of web analysts and data scientists1 who address the business needs of the products division. We use a range of business intelligence, data visualization, and statistical tools to provide insight for product development and performance. Recently, we’ve been increasing our use of the open-source R-language for statistical computing …

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Top 10 UX gems of advice for improving user experience on the web

UX Burlington, a daylong conference-style event held last month in our lovely backyard, was filled with speakers espousing brilliant ideas and the kind of user-interface and workflow management insights that would set your heart soaring. Or sinking, depending on what the speaker shared on Friday, June 12, with the conference’s 150 attendees. Dealertrack, one of the …

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