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By Rob Friesel

Technical Lead, JavaScript pedant, merge conflict savant, and Dealer.com veteran since 2003.

Better Grails… I promise

While we were upgrading our Grails apps to use version 2.4.2, there was a pretty delightful addition to the framework that escaped our attention amongst the rest of our excitement. What’s that “pretty important addition”? The Grails Promises API. Introduced in version 2.3, the Promises library represents the Grails team’s effort to bring the GPars …

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A Field Guide to Service Types in AngularJS

During an internal company workshop on all things AngularJS, a colleague pointed out during his talk that the framework offers several different methods for creating different types of values and objects that are known collectively as “services”. In AngularJS, a “service” is any value or object that can be “dependency injected” into another AngularJS type. …

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VT Code Camp 6 Round-Up

On Saturday September 20th, seven developers from the Dealer.com Engineering teams presented at the 6th Annual Vermont Code Camp. David Coutu, Rob Friesel, Jonathan Hoguet, Richa Khandelwal, Brian Lloyd-Newberry, Maureen McElaney and Peter Vile joined 24 other presenters to give talks to well over a hundred developers, systems administrators, QA engineers, students, and other tech …

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