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Tester, critical thinker and quality evangelist. Advocate for quality as a company culture, not simply a process. Involved in the Context-Driven Testing community, where value is placed on a given item within its own context, and good practices are shared, as there is no "best" practice. Quality is subjective, based on the stakeholder with whom you are speaking, thus our endeavor should be to inform those stakeholders, including product management, so that they can make better informed decisions. We must value people before process and critical thinking before checklists. I am a proponent increasing our skill-crafts as testers and developers, in order to raise the curve across the whole. The tester is ever-changing, capable of adapting new processes and technologies through critical thinking and the use of explicit testing models to solve complex problems. In order to test a complex product, you must make yourself complex. This is done through continual learning, on both a personal and product level.

In a sentence, our job as testers is, "to cast light on the product and its context in the service of our stakeholders"​ - James Bach. Everything you do as a tester should roll up to this.

Encouraging people to think critically about their own approach, then give them new methods and models that can be added to their tool-belt to handle multiple contexts. Combining Focus/Defocus strategies with Exploratory Testing methodologies that compliment both Manual and Automation disciplines, all to achieve a higher quality output for our stakeholders.

Career Paths for Testers

Abstract: Within the engineering environment at Dealertrack, testers have two main pathways they can pursue: non-technical or technical. The information presented in this post is written with our context in mind, but other companies in the larger Cox Automotive family may also share similar frameworks in structuring their testing community.

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Message to Testers: Tell a Compelling Story!

If you’ve spent enough time in your Quality Assurance, perhaps with a traditional title like “QA Engineer” or “QA Analyst”, then you have probably heard the following directive: As testers, we must tell a compelling story to our stakeholders. The context-driven testing community believes this to be paramount to anyone serving in the testing role. …

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